Album Update

​Today, I was finally able to gather enough energy together, within myself, to work with Sylvia on the 1st song in our upcoming album.

I had forgotten that we already recorded some starting-thoughts for this song. So I turned on our “Korg Krome” keyboard, set it to Sylvia’s favorite “Piano with Strings” sound and placed my fingers on the keys.

I immediately found myself (with Sylvia’s help, of course) playing a simple but nice-sounding chord-progression. Just before turning on the built-in Recorder, I used the “Tap Tempo” feature to indicate the speed of this song. When I did this, the keyboard showed a Tempo of “81 bpm” (Beats Per Minute).

After recording this, I decided to quickly Save it, before I started modifying it. When I did, I thought: “I better save it as “Chaos 2”, in case we already Saved a “Chaos 1″.” Once it was safely Saved, I checked and, yes, there was a “Chaos 1” already Saved. So I Loaded it in and listened to it. Not only were the chords fairly close to what I had already played but the Tempo was… exactly “81” bpm!

That was the “melodic”, “sane” part. About a week or 2 ago, I had created a Patch (instrument sound) on our ARP 2600 for the “chaos” part. I listened to it but it never sounded right. So I cleared it and started from scratch. While creating that sound, I realized (or Sylvia made the suggestion) of just what that sound should be. So I cleared that Patch and started over… again.

Needing yet 1 more modifying source, I also used 1 of the “Gate” Outs, on the BeatStep Pro, to trigger an extra rhythm, which is slightly random

We also did a brief test with the vocal software, “Cyber Diva”. Its “strangeness” may work along with a mirrored voice, in order to give that 1st song a cold, sad, empty, chaotic feel. We’ll see.

We still have to work-out a Drum part.

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