ARP 2600 Patch Chart

Sylvia and I finally got around to writing down the ARP 2600 Patch for the song we finished in February 2016. This song’s initials are “R.L.”. (We’re not releasing the name of this song until the album is available, which is probably several months from now.)

Anyway, these very chaotic, very stressful sounds “start” and “end” that song.



The 2600’s keyboard wasn’t used for this Patch. After making the above settings, simply turn up the “VCF” and “VCA” Sliders, in the Mixer. For this particular song, we didn’t use Reverb but if you want to use it, this Patch allows for it… just raise the Reverb Sliders to the desired levels.

The “ARP 2600” is a semi-modular, analog synthesizer, which means it doesn’t need Patch Cables, in order to produce sounds. However, when you do use Patch Cables, you can create some very complex sounds.

NOTE: I tried to upload the Patch Chart image between the above paragraphs but WordPress kept showing an “error”. Since Sylvia and I already have a “Weebly” Blog, we added the image there. Here’s the link to that article:

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