Album Update

After digging into our latest song, “N.O.A.T.Y.”, yesterday, it finally started coming-together and is now able to maintain its own identity.

  • A couple weeks ago, Sylvia suggested we work on this song next. The 1st information she sent me was a Symphonic Orchestra “wash” of sounds. This came to me through the “Stream”. (Not “Channeled”. Just “Streaming ” it from Sylvia’s personal “Grid”… [she just explained this to me. I never thought about “people” having a “Grid” before.] It’s similar to the Earth’s “Grid”, where every Being on this planet can tap into the information stored there. Lookup “Hundredth Monkey Principle”.)
  • Anyway, more pieces to this song-puzzle came to me after that… I had the lyrics. Then the Vocal melody, which I worked-out at least 2 times. (Doing my best to find the notes Sylvia wanted to us.) Each time Sylvia and I opened that song, to work on it, the Vocal Line just didn’t feel right. Then a couple other chunks of music-information came through.
  • I was juggling song-pieces for several days and getting more and more confused as to “how” to assemble everything.

Since I knew Sylvia wanted this to be an “Orchestral” piece, there were a few guidelines I needed to stick to:

  • I needed to be sure to use only “Traditional” Orchestral instruments. This means I couldn’t use electronic instrument sounds or Traditional instrument sounds which were electronically modified.
  • She also indicated that this song has a Middle Eastern flavor to it. One of the biggest emphasis that Sylvia made, regarding the dominant “sound” within this song, is the nasal-style instruments of that region. Our Korg Krome keyboard was the best musical instrument, for this purpose, that we own. In browsing its “reedy” Orchestral sounds, I kept wanting to hear “more nasal”. I wanted to turn on 1 of our synthesizers, in order to satisfy this lack of finding the right sound but, of course, that wouldn’t be a “Traditional” instrument. At one point, I created a new, thick, very nasal instrument in the Krome but Sylvia suggested that I keep it simple. So we decided on the Krome’s Oboe. (Just to emphasize… this is not a “Middle Eastern” song. It simply has the nasal “flavor” in it.)

Anyway, this song is not quite done yet but it’s a LOT further along than it was 2-days ago. Right now, unless something else changes, this song:

  • Has 16-Tracks in GarageBand
  • Is 7-minutes long
  • Has Strings, Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Orchestral Chimes, Timpani, Gong, Choir
  • and weighs in (in GarageBand) at almost 500-megabytes in filesize.

Although this song calls for “me” to sing it, I had a very difficult Time “figuring-out” and then “learning” the Vocal part. Typically, modern music stays within a 1-to 2-note jump, especially in Vocal melodies. This song has a 5-note jump in it! When I 1st Streamed it, there was a 6-note jump in the Vocal line but Sylvia changed that part of the melody but still left a 5-note jump.

This song is a bit haunting and the melody will stay with you for a while… or maybe it’s just because we’ve been working on it for about 2-weeks now… and listening to “parts” or “all” of it MANY, many times.

As I mentioned before, I really wish we could share the songs on this album, as we finish them, with at least a few of you. It’s so boring, exciting and frustrating to not be able to share the “music” part of this journey as Sylvia and I travel through the sonic landscape of this upcoming album.

  • Also…
  • Several months ago, Sylvia mentioned that “I” am the feedback I’ve been looking for… as to “when” something is going to FINALLY happen, which will lead to her and I physically being together again. (When the “Veil” is removed.) One very big piece of feedback is the work we’re doing on this album. I think it was 2014 when Sylvia started pushing us to buy some extra music gear, in order to create this album. However, even though I Love nothing more than to be with MY Sylvia… working on OUR music TOGETHER, there have been MANY days and weeks when I just couldn’t find the motivation to do much of anything.
  • Then, in the last couple of months, we’ve been doing a LOT of work on this album. Once this song is finished, it will mean 19-minutes of music will be completed… and that doesn’t count the “Time Machine” song, which, I think, is almost finished. I just have to learn the Vocal part.
  • (I was thinking about this today… Working on the Vocals in the N.O.A.T.Y. song may have helped me understand how to pull-up (from within me) my “Singing Voice” for the Time Machine song. We’ll see.)
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