Album Update

Sylvia and I worked on our latest song today. We spent several hours on it and ran into a couple of glitches with Apple’s GarageBand program. At one point, it changed 1 of our “audio” Regions (recorded Violin notes from our Korg Krome) into a “MIDI” Region (digital notes), which it cannot normally accomplish. We could see the converted Region and the notes but GarageBand wouldn’t play them. (I tried to play them only because I was curious as to what that program did.)

It even added frequency modulation (a “wobble”) to the Bassoon part I recorded a few days ago.

  • This is why you must not only back-up your computer work but you must also keep “iterations” / “versions”. Each Time you find yourself about to make a major change in your song, the book you’re writing, a movie, a digital image… anything that’s important to you, it’s a very good idea to train yourself to stop and save that file under a different name. Sylvia and I simply add a number to the end of the filename and just change that with each Save.
  • For the Bassoon’s “wobble”, I simply opened a previous version, Copied the Bassoon part and Pasted it into the current file.

Since we have the latest version of GarageBand, I have a feeling the problem is in our 2009 Mac Mini computer… I’m thinking it’s just not 100-percent compatible with Apple’s latest Operating System — Mac OS X 10.11, “El Capitan”.

I did a quick, troubleshooting search on the Internet but found nothing similar.

The song itself is almost finished. Besides doing the final Mix, I have to reinforce my recorded Vocals. I really don’t want to re-record them. So I’m hoping I can simply bring-up the volume in the syllables that sound faint. I also need to search through the sounds in my electronic drums, in order to find a better Cymbal sound for 1 spot. The sound I used, from the Krome, is a typical, drumset Cymbal “crash” but the sound I’m hearing in my head is a Symphonic Cymbal “crash and choke” or, even better, a Cymbal being scraped with another Cymbal or a metal stick. (I only searched within the Krome today but I think there’s a Cymbal “scape” sound in GarageBand.)

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