Album Update

Although Sylvia and I are doing our best to get “crowd-funding” started, this aspect of our music business seems to be stuck. We don’t like doing “Social Media” and with possibly “hundreds” or “thousands” of new songs being made available every day, it’s no wonder our band’s tiny island is still unknown.

On our Patreon page, there’s also a video of me explaining why we need this money.

Here’s the link to our Patreon, crowd-funding page:

While we’re waiting for funding, for CD manufacturing, Sylvia and I decided to make this album available through “BandCamp”. So “Perfectionately Yours” can now be purchased… AND anyone can listen to all the Songs for free from that same site. These are the full songs. Just as Sylvia wrote them.

When this album is purchased, a Bonus file will be instantly available. It’s the “PDF” version of the “Perfectionately Yours” Poster. This 18 x 24-inch creation contains all the Lyrics for all the Songs. It also contains some background information on some of the Songs as well as a list of the Music Gear we used.

Be sure to scroll down, below the Song List, in order to read the background of how this album was created. Remember, this is a “Concept” album. All of the songs, together, tell a complete story. It’s “our” story… the story of how Sylvia and I are now working “across the Veil”. The songs take the Listener from the beginning of Sylvia and my “physical” (and temporary) separation. The energy and style of each song re-creates those emotions I felt just after our 3-weeks in hospice was over and brings you through to the present day. So the beginning of this album is very “chaotic”… very “stressful” and “confusing”. The songs then move through “anger” and on to “hopefullness”.

Here’s the link to our BandCamp page:

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