The “MIDI 3” Module

Although it’s possible to control the “Double Helix Oscillator” with the Arturia “BeatStep Pro”, there are times when you just want to get back to a familiar input mechanism… like a Keyboard.

  • Yes, our “ARP 2600” does have a Keyboard which produces Control Voltages and can control the “Helix”… but… all of the keys stick and a few of them produce random Voltages, making it difficult to use.

We want to use our “Roland SH-201” Synthesizer’s Keyboard to control this new Modular Synth we’re in the process of buying Modules for. However, the “201” is “Digital” and doesn’t have a “Gate” or other Control Voltage outputs, which could be used to control a Modular Synth.

So yesterday, we ordered the Pittsburgh Modular “MIDI 3” Module. This will convert our SH-201’s MIDI information to Control Voltages for the Modular Synthesizer.

I’ve fine-tuned the Patch Chart for the Double Helix and have created a Patch Chart for the MIDI 3. Both of these can now be found in our “Downloads” section. (See the menu at the top of this window.)

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